New Gibbon Species in Vietnam


Scientists believe they have discovered a new species of crested gibbon in the central Annamite mountain range of Vietnam. Its provisional name is the “Northern Buffed-Cheeked Gibbon”. Crested gibbons occur in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and parts of southern China. They are mainly found in the forests east of the Mekong river. It seems that the Western Black Gibbon is the only species that has migrated west across the upper Mekong.

The ‘new’ species is characterized by distinctive patches of gold or white fur around the cheeks that reaches up towards the gibbon’s ears. Further studies on the apparent new gibbon species are underway. A male Northern Buffed-Cheeked Gibbon is under observation at the Endangered Primate Rescue Centre in Vietnam. Further information:

The Northern Buffed-Cheeked Gibbon (photo by Tilo Nadler of the Endangered Primate Rescue Center, Vietnam)