Bangkok’s Erawan Museum…a Must Visit!

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Bangkok has Wats (many), it has food (a whole bunch of yummy dishes everywhere), it has “girls” (we avoid these obviously, since they are not a family attraction), it has malls (almost as many as  wats), it has khlongs (with suspected toxic water that splashes in your face), it has a river highway (with really big rice barges floating down it) and it also has this; a huge three headed bronze elephant! Whats the best part? You can go inside it. And whats inside it? Three floors of religious imagery and intricately sculptured pieces of inspiration.

What you see upon entering the site

What you see upon entering the site

Beautiful sculptures in the gardens

The last and most beautiful room

The last and most beautiful room

After taking of your shoes at the entrance you enter a large spacious hall that makes you feel like you are stepping inside someones acid dream. Ondulating dragon shaped stairs decorated with mosaic style pieces of colorful porcelain bowls and spoons. Some complete bowls make the eyes of animals that surround the stairs, dragon scales are made with soup spoons. Four towering black bronze columns full of embossed religious imagery support the floors above, essentially the belly of the elephant.  Awe is too much of a simple expression to convey what the place really makes you feel.  It makes you drunk and giddy with the colors and the shapes, the light resembling an ancient Gothic cathedral simply confuses you in a very good way.

Khiri Travel-Erawan Museum-one of the heads  Khiri Travel-Erawan Museum-inside the elephant

Khiri Travel-Erawan Musuem-stairs  Khiri Travel-Erawan Museum-with the kids

There is so much to learn and see at this place that you just will have to read some more and if you are in the city for enough days,  especially if you live here then you have to go and see it. Here are some links you can check out and learn why someone would build this crazy beautiful thing that weighs oh so many tons and took oh so many years to build.

Khiri Travel-Erawan Museum-charming garden  Khiri Travel-Erawan Museum-playing in the garden

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