Tri Lanka, Sri Lanka

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Tri Lanka - Sri Lanka -

With a dream like location at Koggala Lake in southern Sri Lanka, the Tri Lanka hotel is a masterpiece of design. While walking the gardens, one can’t help but feel a sensation of balance, a result of designing the layout using mathematical rules found in nature. It works; the property has a soothing atmosphere especially during sunrise and sunset.

Tri Lanka - Sri Lanka

The cuisine is another chapter, making a nod to Sri Lankan classics but presented in a contemporary way. We were delighted to find a jackfruit curry, string hoppers and pol sambol all prepared elegantly but keeping the flavors intact.

Tri Lanka - Sri Lanka

For us, this small boutique hotel is the ideal spot to take a break during a tour, to connect with nature, relax and recharge one’s batteries while enjoying some of the best food in Sri Lanka.

Tri Lanka - Sri Lanka

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