Hotels Using Glass Water Bottles

To help travelers set the right example and to decrease their carbon footprint, we encourage acting on ways to minimize waste. Can you imagine a world where travelers reject the wastefulness of using disposable plastic water bottles? Following is a growing overview of hotels in Indonesia, Laos, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam that actively seek to reduce, reuse and recycle by offering water to guests in glass bottles or by offering filtered tap water to their guests.

Feature Krabi La Playa (3)

Krabi La Playa Resort

This resort has been using glass water bottles for their guest rooms for five years already. Previously, the management had to ration the supply of plastic bottles to a maximum of two bottles per day per room. Now they can offer more and better drinking water service and the guests are happier.

Providing water in glass containers also reduces the amount of space and manpower the hotel needs to manage waste. Other sustainable waste management practices involve using laundry baskets rather than using plastic laundry bags and recycling wastewater.