Testimonial 6

August 14, 2013 by | Filed Under:

I really spent a great time in Vietnam, it definetely was a most exciting experience, and longlasting! Thank you once again for letting me win this super-interesting trip to Vietnam!!! Everything was so well organised, and we really enjoyed being such a small group, which is also sth really special! Our tour guide “Ty” was the perfect match to our little group. A real asset to the whole journey, he really gave us a deep insight into Vietnam, its culture, history + people. We have seen so many places only within a short time, and learnt a lot about the country and of course about UTZ and their partners in Vietnam. Also for my job it was good to get a better knowledge about UTZ and how you work. I just cannot put this all in words but thank you for letting us do this trip! Thank you also for the parcel which arrived last week, another big surprise!

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