New Windows and Ways to See Myanmar

July 11, 2016 by | Filed Under: Adventure Travel, Myanmar, News, Thailand

A destination in Hpa An offers idyllic landscapes and soft adventure kayaking and trekking. Overland travel from the Thai border is the new way to see Myanmar.

The Kayin Experience in Cross Country Tour

Join an overland tour from Bangkok to Yangon with nature and adventure in Kayin, Myanmar, including rice paddy kayaking and misty mountain views.

The Rock Climbing Gem of SE Asia

April 5, 2016 by | Filed Under: Adventure Travel, Authentic Experiences, Laos, News

Who needs a beach when there are so many opportunities for exciting adventure tourism in a country famous for the most laid back and friendly people in Southeast Asia?

Adventure Sport Activity at Inle Lake

Khiri Travel Myanmar offers a pleasurable way to explore the beautiful setting and unique traditions of Inle Lake, just named as the country’s first UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Phuket’s Kayaking Expert and Entrepreneur

In 1983, John Gray of Phuket’s John Gray’s Sea Canoe left a lucrative career in banking to start kayaking tours in Hawai’i in order to follow his life’s passion for “Mother Earth.” After five years, he was drawn to Asia and started his sea kayaking company in Thailand with a lot of elbow grease (hard work)!

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