Khao Sok, Southern Thailand

Khao Sok, Southern Thailand

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General Manager - Khiri Thailand

Welcome to Thailand, the Land of Smiles

After having lived in this great country for over 12 years, I can only tell that there is much more to discover than the first impressions of a Thai massage, great food, or the lovely hospitality.

My best experience still is the self-drive I did with my close friend some 10 years ago. This led me from Udon Thani all the way to Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Son and Chiang Rai in the far North. This way of travelling brought me very close to the real everyday Thai life. Eating your som-tam (papaya salad) on the streets with a nice pladuk (fish) and sticky rice. All washed down with a great Heineken (sorry, I as a Dutch I like this brand..). Up in Mae Hong Son, I saw the beauty of nature, the mountains and its hill tribe people who live a happy life, even though they do not have the facilities in the West we all have come acquainted to. Or when you travel southwards; there is more than just the great and famous beaches. When you look further, you will find plentiful little hidden islands where life in the fishing communities is still as it was a 100 years ago.

Now, being the General Manager for the Khiri Travel Thailand office, has given me the great opportunity to pass all my previous experiences, sight and sounds I have come across over the years, on to the young and dynamic teams we have, so that our people are ready to give travelers the best journey through the Land of Smiles.

Let Thailand surprise you with all its splendours.

André van der Marck

General Manager

Khiri Travel Thailand - Meet the team

Meet the team

In handpicking staff for our 40+ member Thailand team, Khiri favours individuals with incredible passion for the Kingdom and enthusiasm by the bucketful. Our Thailand staff is comprised of many valuable long-term team members, such as the head of our IATA team, Khun Mam (Warunee), who has been with Khiri for eleven years and the head of our reservation team, Khun Nuch (Mayuree) , who has been a member or our team for ten years and has a deep understanding of the needs of travelers.

Our leaders with ample experience are supported by a young team of enthusiastic colleagues with genuine passion for travel. Khiri consistently implements travel and training programs for our Thailand staff to make sure everyone builds upon their skills and destination knowledge so that our team members can continue delivering tours that exceed customer expectations.

All our staff members possess a deep understanding of Thai culture and are adventurers themselves. Koen, our Dutch Product Manager, has worked for Khiri for over eight years and exemplifies the Khiri spirit: Koen arrived in Thailand 25 years ago, after traveling overland from the Netherlands through Turkey and Afghanistan!

We love what we do the most when we innovate, developing new tour routes that become runaway successes. We especially love our work when it benefits local communities.

testimonial - testimonial Sandra C. | Argentina - Thailand

Cuando me preguntan que fue lo mejor de todo mi viaje, les digo Phuket, pero por sobre todo la gente maravillosa, ustedes, que hicieron que mi paso “EXPRESE”, por estas latitudes haya sido el mejor de los recuerdos de todo mi viaje.

- Sandra C. | Argentina

About Thailand

Thailand is a country of startling contrast. From the gentleness of the wai, the traditional Thai greeting of placing one’s palms together in a gesture of prayer, to the national sport of boxing—the take-no-prisoners Muay Thai—spending even one day in Thailand is the equivalent of 500 dopamine hits to the brain. Thai food alone is enough to get you amped; with ingredients like hot green chili, garlic, lemongrass, and tamarind, neither you nor your taste buds will ever be bored.

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