Enriched village visits around Luang Prabang

November 13, 2012 by | Filed Under: Authentic Experiences, Laos, News, Responsible Tourism

by Judith Schneider, Operations Manager, Khiri Laos

Xang Kong Luang Prabang 201 - Marloes

Khiri is now offering a culturally enriched village tour to two villages around Luang Prabang. Through hiring additional local guides in each village, a deeper insight and more meaningful encounter is possible for visitors. In addition, visitors will be able to watch and/or participate in traditional craft productions and are able to try on traditional dress.

When visiting a village in Laos, most tour operators walk through to take pictures and then carry on. This often leaves travelers disappointed and locals irritated, without having created a meaningful experience for either of them. We, at Khiri Travel, have trained our guides to interact in a friendly and respectful way with the locals during such visits but now we go one step further to fully involve several villages in the tour – to bring about benefit for all.

We have highlighted the importance of several different villagers being able to benefit from those tours and encouraged the village chiefs to create a certain rotation scheme. In addition to this, part of the money of this tour is going to the village fund, where all villagers receive some benefit.

In one of the villages, visitors can see rice production tools, try on a traditional dress and watch or try craft production like basket or silk weaving. In another, clients will see a blacksmith at work, another craft production and hear somebody playing on the Khen, a traditional instrument.

In both villages, clients will also get a lot of information regarding traditions and religion, and their way of life, which is especially interesting as they are from different tribes (Hmong and Khmu).

This tour will now create a larger benefit to both customers and locals. The visitors are experiencing a much more meaningful encounter while learning a lot about the way of life of these villagers. And the villagers have the chance to interact with tourists, maybe practice/learn some English while generating some additional income for their families.

For more information contact sales.laos@khiri.com.