A Hands-On Day All About Rice and Silk

990 paddy field with a buffalo

Get a glimpse into Lao life and culture that is hands-on fun for the whole family. A great idea for a different day out when in Luang Prabang. Learn how rice is traditionally grown and produced in 13 interactive steps. All the steps are explained and demonstrated by the charming local employees. Your active involvement will make for a fun and educational experience – the most spectacular of which involves ploughing the paddy field with a buffalo named Susan.

After learning so much about this Lao staple, the last part of the experience of course has to be a tasting. Sticky rice accompanied by a traditional dipping sauce, rice crackers and a couple of other local products made from the grain. Mm-mm!

There are also other activities going on around you – traditional trades plied outside of the rice season. A blacksmith forges blades for reaping the harvest. Storage baskets are woven from natural materials. A stroll around the organic vegetable gardens is a pleasant way to finish off this great insight into Laotian rural ways.

Travel on to the Living Crafts Centre. Spend the afternoon in a stunning Mekong riverside garden. Find out all about Laotian silk. Prepare natural dyes and dye your own silk scarves. The workshop looks at silkworms, natural dyes and weaving techniques. The afternoon’s program is interactive and full of fascinating information, a unique and entertaining opportunity to learn about silk weaving. Meet the silkworms with an introduction to the types of silk they produce. After preparing the dye sources, dye white scarves in your chosen colours. Try weaving and spinning on the demonstration looms.

The day ends with a stroll around the garden, nibble on some tasty fried silkworms and enjoy a cocktail as the sun dips behind the mountains on the Mekong.

For more information and bookings, please contact sales.laos@khiri.com.