Gather and Cook Your Lunch at Charming Kuang Si Waterfall

990 Kuang Si Lunch

In the morning we leave the heritage river town of Luang Prabang behind and travel to the famous Kuang Si waterfalls. An easy trekking tour leads us through the forests near the source of Kuang Si waterfall. This is where we collect some fresh vegetables and herbs and our local staff try to catch some fish.

It’s lunchtime. And we’ve chosen a beautiful spot near a little river for our small feast. Barbecued fish and pork as well as fresh vegetables cooked in bamboo and various other small piquant dishes are being prepared. As we like experiential travel, you can be involved in this as much as you like — from fishing and cooking, to just lounging around enjoying the countryside.

When you choose to join the local guides, they will teach you patiently about the fishing techniques and the traditional way of Laotian food preparation. (The secret is to combine sweet and sour, salty and bitter and a number of different textures. Welcome to Laos!)

990 Gathering Watercress

After the delicious lunch, the trek leads down to Kuang Si waterfall, where we enjoy a refreshing dip into the water. Relax in stunning scenery. It’s a quintessentially Indochinese setting.

Return to Luang Prabang at your group’s convenience. It’s very easy to spend a couple of hours enjoying the waterfall, swimming, trekking to the top and visiting the Bear Rescue Sanctuary.

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