Angkor Wat in Siem Reap Is More Than Rocks and Trees

I thought of doing a “Tips for visiting Angkor Wat with your kids” list, you know, like the classic don´t forgets; sunblock, insect repellent, a hat and plenty of water. But our son is an intrepid adventurer and doesn´t really want to use sunblock, or repellent or a hat. Only recently has he learned to recognize that he´s thirsty, at about the time his face is flushed and the sweat is making his curls droop. So no point doing that list where this crazy little family is involved. Astor can walk more and longer distances than a lot of adults and always awes the families that are still pushing their big kids in strollers. Out exploring he hardly ever gets sleepy, but if he does, he´ll take a 20 minute nap anywhere and keeps on going, usually a lot longer than any of his adult companions.

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The trip to Angkor Wat was part of a visit from Astor´s dad´s side of the family from Buenos Aires. His grandfather, two aunts and his uncle all came to visit and see new baby Antigona. As it was to be expected a little tour around the Southeast Asian area had to be done, so off to Angkor Wat it was! Astor decided to take his little fabric ball that we bought him at the night market in Luang Prabang and from then on denominated it, The Angkor Ball. At every stop, while the family listened to the guide speak about Angkor Wat in broken Spanish as part of his memorized tourist speech, Astor went off with his ball and kicked it around or threw it up in the air as high as he could. Obviously distracting other tourists from their guides, and soon he had many iphones pointing in his direction. This happens everywhere, would love to see how many pictures of Astor there are out there….

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Angkor Wat is the very important and famous Buddhist temple complex built by the Khmer civilizations way back in the 9th century, and continuing to add on to it until the 15th. Cultural symbol of Cambodia and one of the new Seven Wonders, Angkor Wat is also the largest religious complex in the entire world. This particular place in the world is very hot and humid so don´t try getting around the grounds on foot. A tuk-tuk can be hired in Siem Reap that will take you there, around, and back, but since Astor had many companions, they hired a van. The only complaint was that the driver kept the air-con really cold so they were constantly freezing the sweat off their backs at every move.

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