On the Beach in Myanmar: Quiet Days and Rural Ways

Recently, the Khiri Travel Myanmar team spent a few days inspecting the tropical beaches of southwest Myanmar. They stayed a few days in Ngapali and Maung Shwe Lay and had a great experience. Our Director of Operations, JP Klovstad, took the opportunity to see the daily routine of local people.

990 Morning on the beach at Maung Shwe Lai (1 of 1)

Beach buffaloes at work — Maung Shwe Lay

When getting up early in the morning a lot of things are happening. These guys are pulling wood along the beach for construction or firewood.

990 Fishermen at Maung Shwe Lai

Fishermen at the beach on Maung Shwe Lay
Fishermen arrive from the sea in the morning. They deliver the catch of the night and then clean up their boats.

990 Cleaning nets

Cleaning nets at Maung Shwe Lay
Early in the morning a fisherman comes back to the beach with his catch from the night.

990 Ladies cleaning the nets in the morning (1 of 1)

Ladies cleaning the nets in the morning — Maung Shwe Lay
After the men delivered the fish, the women bring the nets out in the water to rinse and clean them, then make them ready for next night’s fishing.

990 Khiri Travel Myanmar - visit fishing community Maung Shwe Lay Beach

Ox-drawn carriages on Maung Shwe Lay
Ox-drawn carts are a convenient way to travel between places on Maung Shwe Lay island. The locals even prefer the sand of the beach above the rough and bumpy road a bit further inland.


View of the beach from Sandoway Resort
When we arrived to Ngapali Beach, Sandoway Resort invited us for breakfast. This is a view from their outdoor restaurant – four ladies carrying firewood along the beach.

990 Khiri Myanmar team

Welcome to the beach with the Khiri Travel Myanmar team

This photo is from Maung Shwe Lay when all the Khiri office staff traveled south for two-and-a-half days at Maung Shwe Lay. They spent the night in tents.

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