10 Reasons to Visit Central Vietnam in the Summer

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The months April until September are usually considered not the best time to visit Southeast Asian countries. It’s a shame. In many ways it can be the best time. Accommodation is more affordable. There are fewer people at popular tourist sites. Specifically, here at 10 great reasons why April to September might be the best time to visit Central Vietnam:

1) Visit Dalat Waterfalls

Prenn Falls These waterfalls are about 10km outside of town. During the wet season, the rain produces an effect in these waterfalls, creating a yellow color in the water, which comes from the reflection of the sunlight, in between occasional rain.

Pongour Falls Known for its size, Pongour falls are one of the biggest and widest waterfalls in Vietnam. The falls can be visited throughout the year, but during the rainy season the view will blow your mind. Forty meters high and on seven levels, the cascade, powered by rain run off, creates an enormous natural swimming pool generating a thunderous sound. The Pongour Falls are about 30km south of town, on Highway 20.

Ana Mandar Villas Dalat

2) Dalat markets

Also known as “City of Flowers”, Dalat has pleasant weather and temperature all year around. Even in the rainy season, sightseeing the beautiful spots, wild forests and its variety of flowers is very rewarding. Fruits are one of the principal products in Dalat city. Visitors shouldn’t miss the chance of walking around the local market and trying the mangoes, watermelon, strawberries, almonds and grapes.

3) Watch a traditional Vietnamese performance in Hue

Most of the music and dance styles in Hue were created in the 19th century for the amusement of the royal family. During the month of April, Hue Music Festival will take place, featuring Hue royal court music and Hue folk songs.

4) Take a cooking lesson in Hoi An

All year round, a cooking class guarantees success. Hoi An is the most popular place in Vietnam to try. Fresh products, famous culinary traditions and spectacular sights will be a plus for travelers learning to cook Vietnamese cuisine.train -Darat990

5) Dalat Train Villa

If you are looking for a different activity to offer travelers passing Da Lat, the Dalat Train Villa should be considered. Inside the villa there is a French Train Car from 1910, which has been renovated into a restaurant. The views of the surrounding area are beautiful. It is only a 10 minute drive from the city center.

6) Hue’s imperial cuisine

Hue’s cuisine is known as the best in the country. Dishes are created taking into account the harmony of the ingredients, their colors and their decoration. Guests can spend plenty of time walking around and tasting different typical dishes from this region.

7) Hoi An Lantern Festival

Every full moon, on the 14th of the Lunar month, Hoi An will welcome visitors with its Lantern Festival. It puts guests into a fairytale during sunset when the moon appears. Electrical lighting is reduced to a minimum and the traditional silk lanterns appear in all houses located in the historical center. Locals and tourists attend this festival where food, dances and poetry recitals are the main events of the night.

8) Vietnam’s café culture

Coffee is one of the most important elements in Vietnam’s culture. How a local barista prepares it is very particular and unique. Choose a place to relax and ask for a cafe da (coffee with ice) or cafe sua da (coffee with condensed milk).

Hue Citadel 3

9) Temples & Pagodas

Buddhism is the main religion in Vietnam and travelers will be able to lose themselves in the thousands of temples and pagodas the region has to offer.

10) Relax in Nha Trang Beach

Even in rainy season, Nha Trang will still delight guests with its sunny and warm weather. Nha Trang coast is the perfect place to relax and to enjoy beach time – all year round.

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