Work Alongside the Red Dao in Vietnam

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Sapa Homestay-Vietnam-riverside

Khiri Travel Vietnam gives travelers a chance to experience a selection of community based eco-tours. In this country, which is over 3000 km long, the most varied lifestyles coexist. Travelers can turn their visit into something not only they will remember, but also something the local people will appreciate.

Our goal at Khiri Travel Vietnam is to make our guests’ experience as unique as possible. We do this by offering authentic adventures while staying in comfort and maintaining high levels of safety at all times. We have many options available.

Khiri Vietnam works with volunteering and community service activities. Volunteering in Vietnam will change one’s mind about how life truly works here. Meeting, eating, working with locals, we believe has an impact on volunteers, which they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Working alongside the Vietnamese is an unforgettable experience.

Visiting a rural community, travelers go back in time to traditional methods of farming and fishing, handed down from generation to generation. Such experiences are an excellent opportunity to step aside from overcrowded tourist attractions and step into life as it is lived by local people. Guests can learn about the hardships and efforts needed to make a living in rural Vietnam, but about the daily fun activities too.

Nam Cang Riverside House – located deep into Northern Sapa – is surrounded by mountains and is next to the river. It is a great example of one of the communities travellers can visit with Khiri. The homestay offers a wide range of activities where visitors can get immersed in local life. Hosts belong to the Red Dao minority and invite every guest to join in the rice planting, fishing and the production of bamboo paper. Most of the villagers are not used to meeting foreigners. They are therefore happy to explain about their daily life and maybe invite guests into their houses for a cup of tea. This will be a unique opportunity to gain insight and connect with local people by helping and learning their way of living and getting involved in their jobs.

For those travellers looking for a mixture between adventure and community eco-tourism, the Pu Luong Reserve is the best alternative. Activities include trekking through outstanding scenery, getting to know the local villagers, and learning about their lifestyles. Visitors also have the opportunity to help in preparing meals and giving English lessons to the local kids.

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