Vietnam Traditional Beverage: Culture of Drinking Tea in Vietnam

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Tea for Vietnamese people means free flowing and refreshing. This ubiquitous and Vietnam traditional beverage is served everywhere and enjoyed by all sectors of the population.

Vietnam Traditional Beverage, Tea Fields, Vietnam

While travelling in Vietnam, it is very typical to sit down in a café or bar and without asking, the server brings the customers a trada. Tra means tea and da means ice. It is pronounced cha da and, if not free, it is usually very inexpensive – around 25 cents. For Vietnamese, drinking tra da or ice tea is as important as water.

Vietnam Traditional Beverage, Tea Fields, Vietnam

How to Prepare Vietnamese Tea

The reason why this iced drink is so special and unique is because of the way it is prepared. The Vietnamese put the leaves, usually green tea mixed with jasmine tea, in boiled water. After this, a lot of ice is added to make a cool and refreshing beverage.

Tea culture penetrates every aspect of Vietnamese life. From its use in ritual ceremonies, served to show simple hospitality or consumed among friends and coworkers, tea connects people beyond shared refreshment. Teahouse menus are diversifying to attract the younger generation for whom the word tea has become synonymous with “hanging out.”

History of Vietnam Tea Cultivation

The history of tea cultivation goes back centuries. Khiri Travel Vietnam has a tour to take your travelers to Ban Doi village to visit a tea plantation. Tastings and learning about the culture and art of tea preparation are the main activities. While staying in a traditional stilt house located in the heart of a Black Thai ethnic village, your clients will learn about the tea production, which has been a Vietnamese tradition for over 200 years. Part of the experience is having time to slow down, relax and enjoy the unexpected tranquility among the local people.

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While in Vietnam one should certainly not forget to enjoy this typical, traditional and super refreshing drink! Use it to strike up a friendly conversation while sharing in a local tradition.

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