Wild Places and Tribal Faces in Chiang Dao National Park

Chiang Dao 2

Chiang Dao National Park, located in the mountains of northern Thailand in Chiang Mai Province, is named for Doi Chiang Dao (doi means mountain in Thai), the third highest mountain in Thailand. Doi Chiang Dao is composed of limestone karst with steep cliffs and deep mountain valleys. This rock formation is similar to the mountain massif of the Himalayan foothills found in southwestern China. With wild areas seldom visited by tourists, this area has dramatic scenery, threatened alpine evergreen forest and isolated hill tribe villages. In 1978 Doi Chiang Dao was declared a wildlife sanctuary.

Chiang Dao bridge

For energetic travelers interested in mountain trekking, bird watching, and hill tribe cultures, Khiri Travel Thailand can organize a 3-day trek within the boundaries of this natural paradise. Our experienced guide knows this area like the back of his hand and has lots of stories to tell. Along the way your travelers will learn about the biodiversity of the flora and fauna of the region and the mountain dwellers that call this mountainous landscape their home. There are 150 mammals and 295 species of birds documented in the park. Many of the plants and flowers are endemic to Thailand.

People at Chiang Dao

Visitors will experience the traditions and customs of the Karen, Yellow Lahu, Shan and Lisu ethnic people. The guide has knowledge of the customs and history of the hill tribes and even the secrets of northern Thai cooking. Your travelers will have the opportunity to interact with the hill tribe villagers by visiting their homes, sharing food and overnight homestays.

Chiang Dao 1

Waterfall at Chiang Dao

This trek affords wonderful opportunities for travelers interested in photography to capture that one brightly colored, butterfly, flower or bird that an online blogger referred to as “birds that look like flowers, and flowers that look like birds.” There are also caves to explore, mountain viewpoints to appreciate and even riding a bamboo raft down the gentle rapids of the Mae Taeng River. Your travelers will not be disappointed for lack of adventure and cultural experiences.

the river at Chiang Dao

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