A Zip Line to Adventure in Laos’ Forests

July 1, 2014 by | Filed Under: Adventure Travel, Authentic Experiences, Laos, News

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The Bokeo Nature Reserve, located in northern Laos, was created to protect the habitat of the black-cheeked crested gibbon, an exotically beautiful primate that was thought to be extinct until discovered in 1997.

Welcome to the Gibbon Experience, an ecotourism conservation project that funds forest protection and community projects in the nature reserve. This conservation program involves a set of treetop huts connected by a network of zip line cables through the rainforest canopy. Each of the four huts is a very large accommodation and well turned out with all facilities.

The adventure begins with a challenging 3-hour road trip and a one to two hour (mostly uphill) hike to the canopy infrastructure. In small groups, local guides teach visitors how to safely operate all of of the zip line equipment as well as where to hike around in the forest to become familiar with area. Afterwards your travelers are guided through the rainforest “flying” through the canopy on zip lines or taking short hikes.

The best time to spot the gibbons is at dawn. The Gibbon Experience, however, is not a wildlife park so there is no guarantee that visitors to this vast territory will spot one of these illusive animals. Regardless, zip liners can hear the gibbons “singing” in the trees—an encounter that will certainly induce amazement and awe.

Laos offers another canopy experience in the south of the country, at Treetop. Khiri Travel Laos can organize these wildlife experiences for your guest. You can contact us for more information and booking requests at sales.laos@khiri.com.

Photo by Christian Haugen