The Diversity of Indonesia’s Flores Island

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With the thousands of islands in Indonesia, it is hard to keep track of all of them. Flores, the tenth largest nationally and sixtieth largest in the world, is a big, elongated island in East Nusa Tengara Province. The island is best known for being the gateway to Komodo National Park. In fact, Flores has such an abundance of sites and activities that travelers could spend their entire Indonesian holiday on this one incredibly diverse island.

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Flores is an interesting mix of cultures. The Portuguese introduced Christianity, which has become the dominant religion on the island, however, many still practice traditional animism beliefs along side their Christian traditions. Given the mountainous terrain throughout the island, many cultures have remained separated and secluded by the landscape. This has imbued Flores with pockets of distinctly different cultures and languages from tribe to tribe around the island.

In the Bajawa region of central Flores, there are many traditional villages scattered about the various mountainsides. Trekking opportunities are plentiful at Mount Inerie, a perfectly shaped volcano looming in the south, along with the newly formed Wawo Muda volcano nearby. Travelers can also enjoy the area’s hot springs and waterfalls.

However, the most interesting exploration will usually be the people and their uniquely different cultural practices. Unapproachable by car lies Bela Raghi Village, an adventurous 11 km trek through the jungle and mountain viewpoints. Upon reaching this beautiful mountainside oasis, your clients will not be treated like a tourist, but as a guest of the village.

Unique destination - ceremonie - Indonesia

The village huts are laid out in two parallel rows for a total of approximately 16 homes. Guests are greeted with a traditional ceremony to ward off evil spirits during their journey. Following the ceremony, visitors can share conversation and a hearty home cooked meal. Khiri’s local guide will be the translator so travelers can learn some interesting details about the host family’s culture. Without electricity, the villager’s oil lamps create an intimate atmosphere. Flores locals willing to host visitors provide homestay accommodations for those who wish to stay overnight.

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