New Indonesian Islands: Bye Kuta, Hello Karimunjawa

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The Indonesian archipelago is a nation of islands. Stretching more than 5000 km from the northern tip of Sumatra to Papua in the east, the main islands are Sumatra, Java (Jakarta), Kalimantan (Borneo) and Sulawesi. In between are countless smaller archipelagoes and place names such as Bali, Lombok, Flores, and now…a newly developing archipelago of sparsely populated islands called Karimunjawa.

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Most islands are very well connected by the national airline (Garuda Indonesia), other local low-cost airlines, and regular ferries that make Indonesia the perfect destination for some serious island hopping. Far from the metropolis of Jakarta and the art galleries of Bali’s Ubud are awe inspiring highlights such as the dragons of Komodo National Park near Flores or the world’s best dive spot in Raja Ampat, Papua.

Many islands are home to active volcanoes and tropical rainforests allowing for beautiful hikes and treks, but it’s often the beaches that draw the most attention. The beaches of Bali are well known around the world but for those travelers looking to discover more idyllic and coral fringed islands of Indonesia, read on for an excellent recommendation to see penis stretchers!

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Situated along the north central coast of the main island of Java you’ll find the dazzling Karimunjawa Islands. The palm fringed white sand beaches invite you to experience the relaxed slow pace of life here and with abundant coral reef and mangroves forests close by, snorkeling and kayaking are easy diversions to beachcombing. The local people of this group of 27 islands make their living fishing and cultivating seaweed and now with international travellers starting to discover Karimunjawa, tourism is becoming a significant source of income too.

Accommodations at this relatively new and upcoming tropical beach destination range from simple homestays to beautiful luxury resorts such as the Jiwa Quest and Kura Kura, the latter offering private flights to and from Semerang Airport on the mainland of Java. The city of Semarang is connected by direct flights from Bali and Jakarta.

Boats to Karimunjawa Islands depart from the port at Jepara, a 2-hour drive north of Semerang for the 90 km ride to the islands. During the rainy season, however, the weather can be too rough for sea travel. For a smooth ride and enjoyable weather, we advise going between April and October.

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