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The landlocked country of Laos might not have an ocean, but Laos surely has islands! The south of Laos houses one of the most spectacular natural attractions one can find on the route of the mighty Mekong: Si Phan Don, more commonly known as The 4000 Islands. This is a beautiful region where the Mekong becomes a vast inland sea of flowing water dissecting the land into thousands of small islets.

The Mekong River, stretching 4350 km from its headwaters in the Himalayan foothills to its broad river delta and touching six different countries, is no doubt one of world’s most important rivers. After approximately three quarters of its journey to the South China Sea, the river spreads over a broad floodplain to the incredible width of 14 km at Si Phan Don in the green season.

The ecosystem generated by this riverine habitat has huge biodiversity. Many plants grow in abundance on the fertile soil along the riverbanks and in turn provide bountiful habitat for numerous fish species such as the giant river carp.

Si Phan Don is arguably the most relaxed area of Laos. Many self-sufficient villages survive on their local products such as rice, coconuts, and authentic weaving techniques, as well as an abundance of locally caught fish. The 4000 Islands provide a great opportunity to take a step back in time, immerse oneself into a quiet way of life, and discover the rich culture that rural Laos has to offer.

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Don Khong and Don Khone are the only islands that offer accommodations. Each is a good base from which to explore many other small islands and highlights of the river itself. There are boat rides to view the endangered Irrawaddy dolphins and Khone Phapeng Falls, the biggest waterfalls in Southeast Asia.

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