The Emerald Isles of Thailand

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This scenic and compact cluster of islands in the Gulf of Thailand near Koh Samui make an excellent day trip by slow boat or speedboat to enjoy snorkeling, kayaking or a hike to a viewpoint for a breathtaking panorama of the tropical paradise below.

things to do at Emerald Lake - Thailand - Island - Samui

things to do at Emerald Lake - Thailand - adventure travel - Sa mui

Angthong National Marine Park (NMP) is a beautiful archipelago of 42 emerald green islands rising out of the aquamarine water of the Gulf of Thailand. Part of Surat Thani Province, these islands are accessible for a day trip from Koh Samui, Koh Phangan or Koh Tao. Most of the islands have names inspired by their distinguishing geographic features such as “Three Pillars Island” and “Sleeping Cow Island.” The limestone karst that forms the jungle-clad islands is punctuated with craggy outcrops and caves, places that call for exploration by adventurous travelers by rock climbing, kayaking or hiking jungle nature trails.


The marine park protects unique flora and fauna. The exquisitely beautiful and delicately shaped lady’s slipper orchid, an endemic plant species, is only found in Angthong NMP. Wildlife such as the dusky langur, a small monkey with adorable eyes, is known to make regular appearances at the park’s headquarters. With over 50 species of colorful birds, 14 kinds of reptiles and five amphibians, bird watching, binoculars and a camera are a must.

Khiri Travel offers day trips to this scenic cluster of islands aboard a Chinese junk with sails for your travelers who like to take a step back in time. Mae Koh Island makes a good first stop for kayaking and snorkeling in the clear, calm water. The marine park is one of the best places to paddle a kayak and explore hidden inlets or float beneath rocky cliffs rising up to 400 meters high. At Koh Wua Talab (Sleeping Cow) Island, the most popular point of interest of the park is a steep climb up a series of staircases to three levels of viewpoints. It takes about 60 minutes, a good deal of effort and adequate footwear. However, at the very top, travelers will be rewarded with the most breathtaking panorama of emerald isles, sea and sky. The view of the tropical paradise below and the refreshing ocean breezes will more than justify all the huffing and puffing up the stairs.

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