The Unspoilt Isles of Karimunjawa

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The world’s largest island nation, Indonesia is an archipelago of over 13,000 islands stretching more than 5,000 km from the northern tip of Sumatra to Papua in the east. Its main islands are Sumatra, Java (Jakarta), Kalimantan (Borneo) and Sulawesi, but there are also countless atolls and island’s like Bali, Lombok and Flores that have become popular tourist destinations.

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From the art galleries of Bali’s Ubud to the awe-inspiring dragons of Komodo National Park near Flores, or the pristine diving sites of Raja Ampat in Papua, the diversity of Indonesia ensures it has endless potential as a holiday destination. And as the country’s infrastructure improves, newly discovered island sanctuaries are becoming easier to reach. One such place is the Karimunjawa Islands, a sparsely populated island marine park in the Karimun Java archipelago.

Lying 80 km north of Central Java in the Java Sea, the Karimunjawa Islands offer inviting palm-fringed white sandy beaches with a slow, relaxed pace of life. There is also an abundance of unspoilt coral reefs and mangrove forests, an ideal environment for snorkelling and kayaking. The local people in this group of 27 islands make their living fishing and cultivating seaweed, and now with international travelers starting to trickle into Karimunjawa, tourism is becoming a source of income too.

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Accommodations in this upcoming tropical beach destination range from simple homestays to high-end luxury resorts such as the Jiwa Quest or Kura Kura. The latter offers private flights to and from Semarang Airport on Java’s mainland, and the city of Semarang is also connected by direct flights to Bali and Jakarta.

Boats for the 90 km ride to the Karimunjawa Islands depart from the port at Jepara, a two-hour drive north of Semarang. During the rainy season, the weather can be too rough for sea travel, so we advise that you plan your visit between April and October to ensure a smooth ride and enjoyable weather.

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