Cambodian Jungle Shrouded in Mystery

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Lying on the coast of Cambodia directly across the bay from Sihanoukville and at the base of the Cardamom Mountains, Botum Sakor National Park is one of the largest in Cambodia, yet lays shrouded in mystery and remains mostly unexplored. The majority of Botum Sakor’s area is comprised of gently sloping lowland covered by evergreen forests, grasslands, coastal flood plains, mangroves and swamp forests.

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Playing host to some of the most endangered animals in the world including the pleated gibbon, wild Asian elephant, Sunda pangolins, Bengal slow loris, fishing cats and hog deer, Botum Sakor National Park provides a fascinating glimpse of the rapidly fading ecology of Southeast Asia. According to recent footage obtained by a camera trap placed by local conservationists, Botum Sakor is even home to the critically endangered Indochinese tiger!

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Explore the glorious rainforest and rivers just north of Botum Sakor National Park while staying in the charming village of Chi Phat. Welcome to the jungle! Our trips to Chi Phat are a phenomenal way to experience and support this charming community based tourism project (CBT). Mountain bike to ancient jar sites and kayak on secluded rivers. There is also bird watching, trekking to beautiful waterfalls or spending the night in the jungle with a local guide.

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