Trekking Tour in Bali’s Remote Northeast

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trekking - Bali - Indonesia

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine a landscape flanked by two immense volcanoes and a turquoise blue lake. This is the view on a hike that traverses Bali’s little known area of Muntigunung. Although this remote part of Bali sounds idyllic, life in the villages in this part of the island is hard. Little rainfall means that agriculture is difficult and jobs are scarce. This is a side of Bali rarely seen.

Khiri Travel offers guided trekking through these underprivileged villages to meet the people, witness their cultural traditions and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Visitors provide needed income, which helps alleviate poverty for these Balinese people. For example, this type of responsible tourism in Muntigunung helps support a water supply project to improve their agricultural output and increase their self-sufficiency. Our tours also support sustainable jobs such as weaving, making hammocks and cultivating cashew nuts.

trekking - Bali - Indonesia

Trekkers will get an early start on a 3-hour guided hike that begins at the lakeside village of Songan. The hiking has some challenging climbs that will surely test your client’s fitness! Along the way, the visiting hikers will learn about the challenges the locals face in their day-to-day life.

With stunning views of Lake Batur and the Indian Ocean, the tranquillity of this remote area will be a welcome surprise to weary hikers. After the trek, your travellers will enjoy a delicious meal and some well earned relaxation before heading back to Ubud in the late afternoon.

If your clients love hiking in the mountains, are passionate about culture and people and want to make a positive contribution to Bali, this hike is a must do. However, since this is a sensitive area, Khiri needs to limit this trek to just one party per day. So make sure your travelers book in advance to guarantee a space. For more information about this guided hike and other tours in Bali, please leave your contact information in the form below.

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