Mother’s Curry Crab & Gin Tonics

Mother's Curry

Many people will say their mother is the best cook in the world. There is no denying that home cooked food tastes better as it is prepared with a powerful ingredient: love. When traveling, however, most times we are subjected to the dull hotel buffet or, even worse, a lame, touristy restaurant. We often miss the chance to try the real deal, the local delicacies.

In Sri Lanka, we definitely have a remedy for this challenge. Imagine walking into a home on the outskirts of Colombo where a loving mother invites you to sit down for a fiery meal of Grandmother’s favorite recipe–homemade crab curry. It’s a meal that will make even the most fuzzy French gourmand cry with happiness or rival the best seafood gumbo you can find in Louisiana, USA.

Best of all, this meal is really about the experience: the ambiance, the special attention, and the exceptional opportunity of sharing a meal with a Sri Lankan family cook who will make you feel as if you were her own child.

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