Cycling from Siem Reap is Good Way to Tour Angkor

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I am big on cycling and probably going to like any tour on two wheels. Add some back roads, the most amazing ancient temples in the world and the beautiful tropical scenery, and I can guarantee I will love it! From tuk-tuks to tour busses, there are many ways to travel around Cambodia’s treasured temples. However, in my opinion, nothing compares to biking Angkor!

Manager tip - Miles - Tour Angkor - Cambodia - Cycling - Siem Reap

There were more than two million foreign visitors to Angkor Wat last year. While that is great for the country and people of Cambodia, it does make intimate temples experiences much more elusive to most travelers. When your travelers bike to the temples, the entire experience changes and becomes a personal and magical immersion in ancient history once again.

Manager tip - Miles - Tour Angkor - Cambodia - Cycling - Siem Reap

It’s really a no-brainer why touring the temples on bikes is so enjoyable. From the start, your travelers can enter the temple zone via small scenic trails. The biking route then meanders through quaint villages, possibly dodging the occasional untethered cow and encountering local kids who are very free with their friendly greetings. Not only is cycling good exercise, but your travelers will also experience the temples like an insider while avoiding the crowds. From June to January, the temples are surrounded by endless seas of bright green rice fields and sugar palm trees, not to mention the chance to ride through local villages with small vendors, home gardens and free range chickens running about.

Khiri Travel Cambodia offers temple tours on two wheels during the most photogenic times of the day—at morning sunrise and evening twilight. For more information on bicycle tours in Siem Reap and Angkor Wat, please leave your information in the form below.

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