Backstreet Tours Via Becak and Bemo

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Many Indonesian natives would describe homegrown transport options as a love-hate relationship. They can’t really do without it, but at the same time, it’s considered an annoyance that the public has to deal with on a daily basis. For your travelers, however, Indonesia’s unique modes of urban transportation are often an exciting and fun way to experience an authentic local tour.

Bemo - transportations - Indonesia

Take, for example, the becak in Yogyakarta. Often considered only as a mode of transport for tourists, the becak, or pedicab, is still very popular among local people throughout the country. Early risers visiting local fresh markets can see how vendors and customers negotiate with becak drivers waiting in front of the market. Other drivers are loading up their becaks with fresh produce to deliver to nearby restaurants or customer’s homes.

Bemo - transportations - Indonesia

Another unique form of local transport is the bemo, an excellent way to ride around and absorb the local vibes. When using this 3-wheel taxi (like the tuk tuk in Thailand), found all over Indonesia, travelers must be ready to share the vehicle’s cramped compartment with other people, bags of goods and even a live chicken or two! Additional passengers manage to squeeze in even when it seems there is not another inch of space. Getting off is also a challenge since the passenger space is so small, the ceiling is low and it’s easy to trip over other people. When your traveler wants to get off, they need to signal the driver by pressing a button to ring a bell or tap a coin on the driver’s compartment so he knows to stop.

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Khiri Travel Indonesia offers several activities throughout the country where clients can hitch a ride on a local, but private becak or bemo. Yogya is one of those places. Travelers can hop on a becak and let the driver tour them skillfully through some crazy traffic conventions of Indonesia’s crowded urban areas. The becak has the perfect pace to enable your travelers to see everything that is going on up close and take pictures at the same time. Becaks can enter small backstreets and meter wide alleys where no bus or car could possible fit! Your clients can stop whenever they like. Drivers often invite passengers for a friendly chat but he won’t be surprised if your clients want to doze off and use the becak ride to take a little nap!

Bemo - transportations - Indonesia

Khiri Travel Indonesia offers a unique signature experience in the harbor city of Mataram on Lombok Island. Your traveler’s ride in a private bemo (not the crowded shared taxi version) to attend an amazing cultural and religious experience called the Sasak slam or impromptu poetry contest. Your clients will blend in perfectly with their local bemo but should be careful not to hit their head when getting off!

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