River Transport on Laos’ Meandering Mekong

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transportations - Laos

Every country in Southeast Asia has its unique means of transport. For Laos, where people are known for their ability to hear the rice grow, everything goes a bit slower. Once your travelers have adjusted to the local pace of life, getting from place to place is supposed to happen like floating down a river. Wistfulness aside, water transport is actually one of the most convenient and enjoyable methods of transport in this mountainous Kingdom of Lan Xang.

transportations - Laos

With the extensive development of hydroelectric power projects, the course and flow of many rivers in Laos has been altered requiring some adjustments in riverine transportation. Nonetheless, Laos still provides some of the best leisure cruising down the mighty Mekong passing lush green landscapes and rural villages that hug the riverbanks.

transportations - Laos

The most popular option for riding the meandering Mekong aboard a beautiful wooden riverboat is for your clients to commence their itinerary from Chiang Khong in northern Thailand. The Laos side of the riverine border is Huay Xai from where they can float down river to Luang Prabang. The cruise can be booked in either direction but makes for an unforgettable and relaxing 2-day, 1-night voyage. Various levels of comfort are available from shared to luxurious private options that will lavish your travelers with deluxe accommodations and superior service.

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Upon arrival in the UNESCO World Heritage site of Luang Prabang, Khiri Travel Laos can meet your clients at the pier in our Khiri branded and exclusive transport service– our comfy and stylish version of the ubiquitous tuk tuk.

transportations - Laos

Often overlooked, your travelers can also explore southern Laos by traveling afloat. Riverine voyages start in Pakse and connect to the famous Si Phan Don or 4000 Islands downriver near the Cambodian border. This itinerary can be planned in conjunction with a visit to Cambodia with overland border crossing available at Veun Kham, Laos. Highlights of this cruise are the landings at untouched villages and the famous Angkorian temple, Vat Phou, in Champasak Province.

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