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Here is a wellness experience that introduces guests to a lifestyle that helps them become better individuals and thrive in everything they do.

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Nestled amidst the misty Knuckles Mountains in central Sri Lanka, Santani is a setting of simplicity, serenity and relaxation. It is an intelligently designed wellness resort on a 48 acre site that strives to offer every guest an experience of wellness and rejuvenation.

Santani was conceptualized by Vickum Nawagamuwage, who grew up in Sri Lanka before moving to the USA to pursue further studies. With an MBA and advanced management education at Harvard Business School along with a global strategy consulting career, Vickum moved back to Sri Lanka and founded Santani.

A novel venture catering to the rapidly growing segments of the wellness tourism market, Santani will target the weary travelers and busy corporates who seek a mindful retreat for revitalization. The primary focus of the resort is to introduce guests to a lifestyle that helps them to become better individuals, thriving in everything they do. The ideology that sustainability begins with the human is at the core of Santani. It is only when humans as a race are sustained that the environment can also be sustained.

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The wellness packages are customized to meet the needs of each individual and focus on Ayurvedic and western treatments. Each guest begins their wellness journey with a health assessment by an Ayurvedic doctor and wellness concierge. Physical and emotional aspects are discussed and the guest is guided throughout the whole process to ensure their goals are achieved.

The resort also offers an array of outdoor activities including a 1200 sq ft pavillion that provides the ideal space for yoga, pilates and cardio. There’s also the option to swim in the outdoor infinity lap pool overlooking the mountain scenery or bath in the nearby fresh-water river. Other activities include meditation, nature walks, mountain biking and hiking. As part of the wellness regime, there are three main food categories that make up the nourishing menus at Santani. These include a personalized detoxing and raw food menu, a vegetarian menu and a full option menu.

The spaces at Santani have been designed to help soothe guests minds and allow for total focus and relaxation. The unique architecture has also been designed with energy efficieny in mind. Located in the cool hills, the resort does not require air conditioning and therefore saves greatly on energy use. Almost 90% of the furniture and woodwork at Santani is made from reclaimed wood, including a whole timber deck salvaged from a demolished 100 year old tea factory.

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With a multinational and multidisciplinary staff, Santani offers a high quality and well rounded style of service. Key members include the General Manager, the Executive Chef and the Head of Wellness, all of whom are distinguished international professionals in their field of expertise.

Come to Santani and immerse yourself in a wellness experience to last a lifetime. For more information about how to include this wonderful wellness destination in your client’s Sri Lanka itinerary, please leave your contact information in the form below