Khiri Travel & Asia Film Fixers Partnership

Who are the Asia Film Fixers?

Amanda Wilson and Terry Gordon live in Asia and bring years of experience working for the world’s leading tour brands into Asia Film Fixers.

Fixing and Production Support Services

Asia Film Fixers is able to arrange all documentation, personnel, accommodation and transportation that projects require. They utilize their own travel background experience to ensure clients are getting the best rates and quality services across Asia.


Asia Film Fixers is able to arrange all film and location permits for crews working in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore and Malaysia.

Location Scouting & Management

They comb Southeast Asia to find interesting and unique locations for feature films and TV productions. Because they live in the region, it’s easy for them to scout locations at different times of the day, night or season.

Equipment and Crew

If clients require camera, lighting, sound or a production crew in Vietnam or Southeast Asia, Asia Film Fixers can source suitably qualified candidates and negotiate contracts.

More information on Asia Film Fixers can be found on their website, facebook or twitter.