Khiri Travel & Tribal Run Asia Partnership

Tribal Run Asia

Running in remote and exotic locations in Asia: Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Thailand.

Tribal Run Asia are the experts in creating exciting life time memories coupled with cultural infusion and Khiri Travel is the expert when it comes to travel, from local communities to space shuttle excursions.

Passion for Running, Exotic Travel, in Remote Asia

Authentic traveling experiences: connecting travelers with local communities, learning from each other in a two-way exchange.

For every kilometer guests run, a sum of money is donated to community needs. Guests meet with local villagers and understand the richness of their life and reflect on their own, a two-way bond.

All Tribal Run Asia enthusiasts will be invited to our twice yearly Tribal Beach Run extravaganza; tribes come together in a high energy and exciting wow experience, tribal music, awards tribal style and dance. Here we will also invite a number of local villagers from each of the Tribal Run Asia destinations to join in the fun.

What Drives Tribal Run Asia?

Passion for Running, Thirst for Travel, Hunger to Explore, Respect for People

We will be running around 15 km per day broken into two segments, morning and afternoon, and at times running two 10 km sections.
Small groups, with a maximum of 18 participants, are broken into separate tribes depending on their running endurance and speed. The trail goes past breathtaking running routes full of life time memories.

Let’s come together, have fun, run and run more, meet wonderful people, eat delicious local food, push your limits, and build the passion within.

Tribal Run Asia 100

The first 100 Tribal Runners will be our Tribal Running Ambassadors and receive privileges for every Tribal run they experience thereafter, discounts off future experiences, invites to our yearly Tribal Run Extravaganza, discounts off merchandise.