At Khiri Travel, we understand that the issue of using elephants for tourism-related purposes is a controversial topic. As such, we have reviewed our position and trying to ensure that we are following best practices’ aligned with the Elephant Camp Animal Welfare and Sustainability Standard and Assessment Guidelines by Travelife and ACES, the Asian Captive Elephant Standards.”

Responsible Tourism and Animal Encounters
At Khiri Travel, we believe that viewing wild animals in their natural habitat is the best way to experience the incredible biodiversity Asia still has to offer. However, when not managed responsibly, wildlife encounters have the potential to harm animal welfare and conservation efforts.

Animal Welfare Policy
There are many opportunities for travelers to view or interact with animals in the countries in which Khiri Travel operates. Such experiences can raise awareness for the plight of these animals under pressure from diminishing habitats. These travel experiences can also create interest in supporting rehabilitation and conservation efforts and thereby increase animal protection.

Khiri Travel Wildlife Policy

Captive Elephant Welfare Assessment and Guidelines Initiative