Boaz Zippor

About the Author

Boaz Zippor (born 1972) is an Israeli artist, photographer, poet, and author, based in Thailand. He is the author of three books on poetry. His artwork has been exhibited in Thailand, Hong Kong, China, United States, Israel, Spain, and Italy. Zippor moved to Bangkok, Thailand in 2003, where he initially worked as art director and creative director for several multinational companies. As of 2011, Zippor has held 14 exhibitions of mixed media, multimedia projections, and photography, which garnered media attention.

Boaz Zippor blogs poetic about a visit to Cambodia. His words capture his impressions of the spirit of the Khmer capital and the country’s best highlights. Angkor Wat “Angkor is more than a monument. It is a living thing, and this is why people go there and are not satisfied with the pretty Discovery channel […]