Linda Oum

About the Author

Linda Oum is known for her beautiful smile. Everyone calls her Lin or Da. She was born in a Thai refugee camp in 1983. Her parents escaped to Thailand from Cambodia in 1979 during the civil war between the Khmer Rouge and Vietnamese soldiers. In Thailand, her dad received education and became a nurse. He met Linda's mom at the refugee camp where they both worked at a child health center. Soon after, they were married. Linda says that her childhood was a tough life. After Cambodia’s first election in 1993, her family returned to their home country and got more opportunity because there were among the very few educated people in Cambodia at the time. Linda joined Khiri Travel after she graduated in 2006 and is currently the Khiri Travel’s Sustainability Ambassador & Educational Travel Manager in Cambodia. Linda is proud to say that she really loves what she is doing now. Her roles as Khiri Travel manager and Khiri Reach Ambassador allow her to travel and meet new people. Especially, Linda loves the opportunity to help people in who live around her.

“It was like the ice bucket challenge – in real life!” Did you ever think one day you would like to change your lifestyle? I guess there are many things we can try to go outside of our comfort zone and escape the familiar. Some people may think about the chance to go stay in a luxury resort or a beautiful hotel. In my country, I would recommend you to experience a homestay.