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Michael Clark got into the wildlife tourism industry in 2002 after qualifying from a guide training school in South Africa. This led to a job working as a guide for one of the best safari companies in Africa - Wilderness Safaris. Three years with them was followed by a spell working as a tour guide before taking on a guide training role for Visions of Africa and Wolwedans safari companies. After a three year spell back in the UK, Michael managed to get back to doing what he enjoy most - training guides. Michael implemented guide training programmes for top nature lodges in Nepal before moving to Thailand. He is currently training local guides in Khao Sok in partnership with Andaman Discoveries and Khiri Travel to provide practical training for local guides in Thailand.

The day dawned like any other but this was a day of significant importance for our seven trainees. After 2 months it all came down to this. The final exam would test them on all the major natural history disciplines that they have learnt over the past weeks – national park history, geology, plants, invertebrates, amphibians, fish, reptiles, […]

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With only a few days to go until the final examination, time is running out. This month has seen the trainees take on more of a leadership role, leading the walks themselves instead of relying on the training team to prompt them as to what to say. Thankfully the unseasonably dry weather has been kind […]

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“Time flies” as the old saying goes, and this past month has been no different. It’s hard to believe that we are already halfway through the course. There is so much that the guides still need to learn. But having said that, there is so much that they have already learnt. It has been challenging […]


The hour is nigh. With only a few days left until the guide training course starts, the team is still hard at it, trying to tie up loose ends in putting this ambitious project together. What has emerged this past month is that it’s going to be an even more ambitious project than first envisaged. […]


There are many natural wonders that visitors to Khao Sok can discover during their time here. These range from the fascinating geological features, the majestic forest floral giants, the arboreal agility of the primates, the spectacularly colourful birdlife, and the weird and wonderful world of the reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. But the problem up until […]