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Michael Healy is Sales Manager at Khiri Travel USA - Tales of adventure and exotic places have always had a place in Michael's life. From a young age his father told him stories of fabled and far off places that pumped his dreams full of wonder. It's only natural that he took an interest in both writing and travel and here he will combine his passions for you. Southeast Asia holds some of his best kept memories; floating the Mekong, eating in back alley food stalls and washing elephants have all kept that boy like wonder alive. Writing from both a business and personal standpoint he intends on sharing this passion with the reader. Michael will continue on this equal parts exciting, magical and sometimes scary journey for as long as his legs will go and he invites you to come along.
Featured Three pillars in Bali

Bali is revered as one of the spiritual capitals of the world, but what a lot of people miss is the warmth, devotion and history on the rest of island, writes Michael Healy on recent trip there with Khiri Travel.

Sri Lanka - Mike - blog

Here is Khiri USA Mike Healy’s 4th blog about Sri Lanka and how our staff there thrives on innovation and demonstrates Khiri’s passion for discovery.

things to do at Banteay Chhmar temples - Cambodia

Michael Healy from our travel office in the USA has important words to share about the problem and workable solutions for overcrowding at iconic destinations in Southeast Asia. One of the aspects of responsible tourism is visitor dispersion.


This is the first blog of Khiri Travel’s sales manager in the United States, Michael Healy. He has just returned from a trip to Asia where he was busy with meetings, hotel inspections and discovering new lands. In this blog he shares a bit about his trip which may give you another glimpse into Khiri, […]