General Manager, Cambodia

Overall Job Purpose

As Khiri Travel Cambodia’s General Manager you are expected to lead, manage, grow and differentiate in accordance with our value’s proposition and core values.

Sustainability Coordinator & Khiri Reach Executive Director

Job Description

As part of the Khiri Core support team, you’ll coordinate the efforts and initiatives of the Khiri Country Offices to be the champion of sustainability amongst its peers. Measurement of results and alignment with the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals are core to the success of our actions.

Khiri Careers Thailand

Established in 1993 by founder Willem Niemeijer, Khiri Travel is Asia’s leading destination management company for tour operators seeking to provide their clients with quality, authentic, and sustainable experiences. Our mission is to the provide the most innovative and sustainable travel experiences and champion the people, culture and natural sites across Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, […]