Three Sri Lankan Scenic Tour Tips

Home to many languages, races and cultures, Sri Lanka is also a country with a rich biodiversity offering all sorts of opportunities for adventure – like these three unique and exciting ecotours.

Local Color in Traditional Cambodian Transport

September 18, 2017 by | Filed Under: Adventure Travel, Authentic Experiences, Cambodia, News

Like many parts of Asia, Cambodia offers a cornucopia of colorful transport options that are often the best way to see the local side of life – from tuk tuks to cyclos and nori trains, or the slow and steady rotei.

Behind the scenes in Myanmar – Chapter 4

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Our trek to see the Palaung people, a Mon-Khmer ethnic minority who live mostly in northern Shan State, gave us a real glimpse into their ancient culture which has survived in this region for centuries.

Secret Places of Wartime Survival in Northern Laos

Travel to a tranquil area of limestone mountains in northern Laos to learn the true story of the Lao people’s survival during many years of a secret USA bombing campaign during the Vietnam War. The Viengxay Caves today are on the list of things to do for visitors to Laos.

Behind the scenes in Myanmar – Chapter 3

Myanmar’s isolated Kayah State is home to the Kayan people, a sub-group of the Karenni, who still practice animism, erect totem poles and rely on their own herbal medicines and remedies to survive.