Child Safe Tourism

Our actions can impact the lives of children working and living in tourist areas.


The Child Safe Tourism campaign arms travelers with knowledge and information on simple actions to protect children and young people from abuse in tourism areas. The Child Safe Tourism campaign aims to combat the sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism, particularly in South East Asia.

Khiri Travel is proud to assist with the Child Safe Tourism campaign by means of for example giving speeches and having discussions on practicalities in lecturing travelers. We also support the project and it’s cause by disseminating campaign messages and materials to travelers in our countries. We want to stress that there should be a distinction between abusers and tourists. Those who abuse children are not child sex ‘tourists’, they are child sex ‘offenders’.

We aim to involve communities in the wealth that tourism brings. Children from poor families are often found in tourist areas begging or selling flowers and souvenirs. By providing opportunities for parents and communities, we can keep children off the streets and reduce their vulnerability to abuse.

Please find here a practical list of six action points a traveler can undertake in order to improve child safe tourism.

Our actions impact the lives of children working and living in tourist areas. The Child Safe Tourism campaign aims to arm us with knowledge and information on the simple things each of us can do in order to be a child safe traveler.

For any questions you may have regarding Khiri Travel and children in tourism destinations, please leave us a message via the contact form below.


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