Climate Emergency Declaration

2020 is the year where we must step up our sustainability efforts. As many regions in the world have declared a climate emergency, the areas that Khiri Travel operates in are not  immune to such problems.  

Khiri Travel is proud to start the new decade as a signatory of Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency.  While we believe tourism, conducted in a sustainable and responsible manner, has positive effects that contribute to the planet and people: we must also acknowledge the impact that tourism has on our climate. As such, Khiri Travel is committed to the UN Sustainable  Development Goals across the seven countries in which we are active: Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Khiri Reach, our nonprofit organization, works with local communities and organizations to implement initiatives addressing climate change.

By signing the Tourism Climate Emergency Declaration, we will further reduce our carbon footprint as we commit to the following points: 


  1. 1. Developing a ‘Climate Emergency Plan’

Within 12 months, we will have a detailed plan to help us to monitor, evaluate, and improve our environmental impact. As we publish this plan, our internal management along with the impact of our supply chain will be more transparent and accountable.

2. Sharing our commitment and progress publicly

“Our Climate Emergency Plan helps us to monitor, evaluate and improve our environmental impact. We will adjust and add actions if needed and monitor our progress on a regular basis. We will share our annual report each year, outlining our progress, as well as potential failures.”

3. Cutting carbon emissions

Khiri Travel is carbon neutral. Our carbon calculations include CO2 emissions generated by all of Khiri’s offices in seven Asian destinations, staff commuting, and all business travel by Khiri employees. Once travelers arrive in Southeast Asia, Khiri Travel will offset carbon emissions for guest trips by charging US$1.50 per person per day. The aim is to offset entire itineraries, including accommodation, activities, and transport. Funds will go to ClimateCare’s best-in-class carbon reduction projects in the Asian region.

  1. 4. Collaborating together

Khiri Travel works closely with partners and suppliers to actively raise awareness and participate in eco-friendly initiatives. With our competitors and within the industry, we work towards having unified and widely accepted sustainable best practices in Asia.

5. Advocating permanent change

Khiri Travel recognizes the need for systemic change across the whole travel and hospitality industry. As we call for urgent regulatory action to accelerate the transition towards zero-carbon air travel, Khiri Travel financially supports local partners that are dedicated to conserving their local environment.

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