Code of Conduct


Khiri Travel‘s Code of Conduct was created to define the principles of our Core Values and to provide a base for our corporate culture. Khiri Travel has made a firm commitment towards the social and environmental sustainability of its business. The code is meant to represent a standard towards this commitment for all Khiri Travel employees.

We’re proud of what we have accomplished with the implementation of this Code of Conduct throughout every level of our company, but we realize that we have a long way to go. If you have suggestions, please do let us know and drop a note via the contact form below!

We recycle

Khiri recycles as much as possible and measures the output of waste at our offices. We measure so to set attainable annual goals to reduce waste and ensure that we comply with waste legislation in all the countries we operate in.

We climate compensate

Khiri plants trees to offset our carbon footprint caused by flight emissions on all our business flights. Trees help to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. Wherever possible, Khiri Travel ensures sustainable energy is purchased or produced for use.

We know small things matter

Khiri saves energy by turning off the air-conditioners and lights when rooms are not occupied. We understand that many small actions add to a significant decrease of the use of energy. Wherever possible, Khiri Travel reduces its use of water and electricity in its operations and ensures that water sourcing is sustainable.

We use rechargeable batteries

Khiri has replaced all single-use batteries with new rechargeable ones. Batteries that contain environmentally hazardous substances should be reduced as much as possible. Depleted batteries are disposed of in a responsible manner.

We have engaged employees

Khiri has assigned a Green Team at each office to initiate and supervise sustainability practices. Khiri Green Team members are volunteers and the company donates work time and rewards for them to reach sustainability goals.

We reduce our bottled water usage

Khiri reduces the use of single-use plastic bottles, which we know have a major impact on our environment.

We print green (or not)

At Khiri we think before we print. We print as little as possible. When we do print we use eco-friendly printing paper from farmed trees and Eco Fiber only.

We reduce our paper use

Khiri recycles the amount of used paper by printing double sided or recycling one-side printed-paper as notepaper. We reduce brochure wastage by avoiding overproduction and encourage our customers to use our website as a primary source of information on our services.

We do not like plastic bags

Khiri uses linen or reusable shopping bags and is active in reducing the amount of plastic bags by refusing when offered unnecessarily. When plastic bags do show up, we reuse and dispose of in a responsible way.

We are local

Khiri chooses locally made products over others to support the local community and to reduce negative environmental effects caused by transportation.

We consume responsible products

Khiri chooses environmental friendly or organic products over others to reduce our own and the environment’s exposure to chemicals. Preference is given to goods and services that are locally produced, fair-trade and eco-labeled. Bulk purchasing is employed to ensure that we reduce the amount of packaging used.

We commute responsibly

Khiri encourages staff to take the bicycle, public transportation or to carpool to work in order to reduce the emissions of carbon.


We measure

Khiri measures its use of energy. We ensure all our light sources are LED and make other energy-saving investments to beat annual reduction goals.

We respect the law

Khiri maintains an up-to-date list of legal requirements in each country it operates in and ensures it is in compliance with applicable international, national and local laws. Khiri Travel employees do not engage in bribery, corruption or unfair competition. If situations arise where non-compliance is identified, they are thoroughly investigated and action is taken.