Khiri Core Values


  • Local presence – each office an expert, each proud to show what the destination has to offer
  • Global mindset – reaching out to clients and travellers from around the world, understanding the needs of differing markets
  • Respect for other offices and their cultures
  • Offering travellers authentic experiences of multi-layered Asia


  • The passion of Khiri’s founders as the core: a love for travel, a love for the region and its people
  • Sharing that passion with others – from clients to travellers to suppliers
  • Personalization – working with partners to surpass each traveller’s expectations, ensuring they return again and again
  • Pride – staff that work in harmony as a team, that feel a sense of ownership of the brand


  • Always delivering for both clients and travellers – on time, in budget, with a smile
  • Choosing to make it personal – staff as family, clients and suppliers as friends – continually fostering long-lasting relationships
  • The traveller’s experience is the ultimate test – we only succeed if clients rave about their trip with us. A simple “it was OK” is not good enough!
  • Giving back and conservation – supporting local communities and be environmentally concerned global citizens


  • We have a clear understanding of Khiri’s vision and the future of the travel industry in Asia
  • We seek out new challenges and strive to continuously improve ourselves and never accept the status quo as our guide
  • Constant exploration, forging new trails – being aware of trends, yet also daring to break away to head off the beaten track
  • Nurturing inter-office relations, software, procedures and standards to present a united confident face