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10 Reasons for Spending Summer in Vietnam

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Southeast Asia’s summer months from April to September are usually not considered the best time to visit the region, because of the humidity and rain, but in many ways the summer months have some great advantages over the rest of the year. For example, accommodation is much more affordable and there are fewer people converging on the popular tourist sites. Below are our 10 suggestions of things to do in Central Vietnam during the summer months that are not dictated by the changing weather:

1. Visit Dalat Waterfalls

Prenn Waterfall This waterfall is about 10 km out of town and during the wet summer months, the rains produce a fascinating effect in this waterfall – turning the water a glowing gold color – a particularly impressive sight during the early morning when the light hits the water.

Pongour Waterfall Known for its immense size, Pongour Waterfall is one of the biggest and widest in Vietnam. The falls can be visited throughout the year, but during the rainy season the view will blow your mind. Forty meters high and on seven levels, the cascade – fueled by rain run-off – creates an enormous natural swimming pool and generates a thunderous sound. The Pongour Waterfall is about 30km south of Dalat on Highway 20.

2. Dalat markets

Also known as ‘City of Flowers’, Dalat has pleasant weather all year round. Even in the rainy season, its European-style forests with their abundance of flowers are a beautiful option for hiking and trekking. Fruit is one of the city’s main produce and visitors shouldn’t miss the chance to walk around the local markets and sample some of the fresh mangoes, watermelons, strawberries, almonds and grapes that are all grown in the region.

3. Dalat Train Villa

Located near Dalat Train Station, Dalat Train Villa is a beautifully restored 2-story masterpiece of French colonial-era architecture that has been transformed into an elegant boutique hotel. However, you don’t have to stay there to enjoy its amazing French-Vietnamese restaurant, a converted colonial Train Carriage dating from 1910. Only 10 minutes from the city center, it’s a wonderfully picturesque dining option.

4. Hue Music Festival

Most of the music and dance styles in the city of Hue, located on the banks of the Perfume River, were created in the 19th century for the amusement of the royal family. The Hue Music Festival is held during the month of April, featuring Hue royal court music and traditional folk songs.

5. Hue’s imperial cuisine

Hue’s cuisine is known as the best in the country. Dishes are created, with fastidious attention paid to the harmony of the ingredients, the color and presentation. If you’re a foodie enthusiast, it’s a great city to sample new and extraordinary street food, and frequent the broad variety of restaurants that reflect the city’s rich cultural heritage.

6. Hoi An Lantern Festival

Every full moon, on the 14th day of the Lunar month, Hoi An welcomes visitors with its Lantern Festival. After sunset when the moon appears, electric lighting is reduced to a minimum and traditional silk lanterns appear in the houses of the city’s historical center. Street food, open-air dance performances and poetry recitals are just some of the cultural events that locals and visitors alike can enjoy – and even take part in.

7. Hoi An cooking classes

Hoi An’s fresh markets and its famous culinary traditions make the city a great place for travelers wanting to take cooking classes and learn the art of Vietnamese cuisine. In addition, the city is a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site, with all sorts of cultural attractions that can be enjoyed without the high-season tourist crowds.

8. Vietnam’s café culture

Coffee is one of the most important elements in Vietnam’s culture, and the way that a local barista prepares it is of crucial importance to the flavor. Choose a coffeehouse to relax in and ask for a cafe da (coffee with ice) or cafe sua da (coffee with condensed milk). You won’t be disappointed!

9. Temples and Pagodas

Buddhism is the main religion in Vietnam and travelers will be able to lose themselves in the thousands of temples, pagodas and other cultural sites that paint a colourful picture of Vietnam’s multi-cultural past.

10. Nha Trang Beach

Even in the rainy season, Nha Trang still delights guests with its warm, sunny weather. Nha Trang coast is a beautiful place to relax and to enjoy some beach time – all year round.

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