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137 Pillars House Chiang Mai: A Wonderful ‘New’ Heritage Hotel

February 14, 2012 by Khiri Travel |

There is a wonderful ‘new’ heritage hotel that has just opened in Chiang Mai. The 137 Pillars House revives the old world colonial elegance of the 19th century Orient. It offers a palpable nostalgic ambiance reflecting its former days as the homestead of the manager of the British East Borneo Company. That heritage is now aligned with modern luxury. The hotel allows guests to enjoy every modern luxury and the surrounding charms of Chiang Mai. It’s all about pampered privacy and doing things in style. The home-style residential concept allows visitors to relax in spaces of sublime intimacy in sumptuous suites throughout the tropical grounds.

The stunning new 30 suite 137 Pillars House also has a prime location in a tropical enclave near the Ping River, adjacent to the famous Wat Gate Khar Rham Temple. Founded in 1296, Chiang Mai was a prosperous trading centre on the route from China and Burma. A city wall was built to protect the city, much of which is still visible in the delightful old quarter.

Wat Gate, the area of Chiang Mai surrounding 137 Pillars House, was formerly designated to foreigners. The traditional Thai temple complex of multiple pagodas and living quarters is also home to Wat Gate Khar Rham Museum, founded by former 137 Pillars House owner Jack Bain. The museum is filled with quirky memorabilia such as ancient farm tools, pottery and ornate clothing of Chiang Mai royalty. There’s an extensive collection of historic photographs.

Prior to its transformation, much of 137 Pillars House was enveloped in tropical northern Thai forest. The elegant Lady Palm and Mimosa trees were retained to honour to property’s unique heritage, while creating shade and breeze along the stone walkways. Fragrant, indigenous blooms line the original elephant path, a favourite outdoor reminder of 137 Pillars House’s historical past.

In the hotel’s Market Garden, the master gardener takes full advantage of Chiang Mai’s cooler climate to grow organic fruit and vegetables. He collaborates directly with the executive chef and is available upon request to guide guests through this edible landscape.

Guest entertainment on The Lawn is regularly scheduled, including Thai music and dancing, cocktails parties and cultural lectures.

137 Pillars House is a wonderful addition to the selection of heritage hotels in Thailand.

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