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A Journey of Contrasts: Local Yangon and Hanoi

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With new and affordable flight connections by Emirates connecting Myanmar and Hanoi, here’s the best way to let your clients discover the authentic and local character of these fascinating nations.



  • Yangon colonial downtown and spiritual Shwedagon Pagoda.
  • Kayin village life & private river cruise along one of Asia’s last wild rivers.
  • Encounter with locals on a train slowly winding its way through suburban communities.
  • Explore multiple areas in Hanoi on foot ‘like a local’ througout the day, finish with locally brewed Bia Hoi by the railway tracks
  • Try unique street food specialties, chosen by our local experts
  • Trek to local ethnic villages, far away from the more touristy places


Tour Overview

Start to explore the spirit of Yangon by strolling around the colonial downtown and engaging in the local life around the Shwedagon Pagoda, which gives you a much greater insight in local customs and ethnic diversity. Travel further to the Golden Rock, which is one of the main pilgrimage site of Myanmar, before heading to Kayin State, where local village life and soft adventure activities introduce you to the fascinating rural life and natural beauty.

Arrive in Vietnam and be immersed in local culture. Walk your way through Hanoi’s bustling streets, discovering a melting pot of culture, French colonial architecture, local temples, quaint cafe’s and delicious street food. Seeing Hanoi on foot is the best way to explore this vibrant city. Travel onwards and explore the stunning scenery at Sapa in the mountainous area of north Vietnam. This area is home to a large amount of ethnic minorities especially Black H’mong. Take in breathtaking views trekking through rice terraces and towering mountains.


Featured Experience: Spiritual Shwedagon Pagoda

So what’s behind the golden façade of the Shwedagon Pagoda?

During this interactive half day tour we take you through the back door and show you the full history of the pagoda, the daily life of all people living in the immediate surroundings of the pagoda and a deeper insight in the Buddhist religion and how the spiritual belief is mixed with the belief in nats – the Myanmar spirits.

An intriguing half day tour starting from the bottom of the hill and passing the workshops, markets and monasteries which will be useful or even essential to understand more of the country during the rest of your journey.

The tour includes a traditional Burmese breakfast, offerings to monks and the pagoda, a visit to a fortune teller and a Burmese lunch.




Featured Experience: Explore Hanoi like a local

Meet your guide and driver around 07:00am and head towards Hoan Kiem Lake. Several groups of people can be found practicing tai chi and aerobics. After visiting the Ngoc Son Temple, located in the middle of the Hoan Kiem Lake, we will visit a traditional, local and charming coffee place, where you will be able to try Vietnam’s local coffee: Cà phê sữa đá (Iced coffee) and if you feel more adventurous, you can also try the ‘Egg coffee’!

Later, we will get deep into Hanoi’s Old Quarter and you will start a walking tour where you will be able to witness the French architecture in different Vietnamese buildings. To finish our morning, we will pay a visit to the Huu Tiep Lake, better known as ‘B-52 lake’, where US B-5 bomber wreckage can be seen. And that’s just the morning, so much more awaits!



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