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A Legacy of Youth Education in Laos

April 29, 2015 by Khiri Travel | Filed Under: , ,

In the flatlands of Xieng Khouang Province of northern Laos, about 500 km from Vientiane, a local man called Manophet, also known as Lone Buffalo, devoted his life to helping others. He spent his days working for the national Unexploded Ordnance Program (UXO) as a part time tour guide and taught English in the evening in his home. Everyone who met him was touched by his dedication and generosity. Shortly after his passing, his community formed the Lone Buffalo Foundation. As a tribute to Manophet’s legacy, the Lone Buffalo Foundation provides young Lao people a free education to improve their future opportunities.

The focus of the foundation lies in providing good quality English language courses. With the help of Western volunteers, the local teachers can offer instruction in five levels of English ranging from beginner to intermediate. The classes create a unique environment where boys and girls can study together, develop personal skills and build self-confidence. In addition, students learn computer skills, participate in creative media classes and have a chance to play sports.

The foundation also manages a small gym and holds weekly football coaching sessions. This combination of classroom study and sports activity dramatically increases opportunities for the local youth to develop skills and confidence. The large number of students who have continued their studies in universities across Laos and Vietnam indicates the success of the Lone Buffalo Foundation.

When travelers go to Xieng Khouang to see the Plain of Jars, we recommend a visit to the Lone Buffalo Foundation. Travelers are welcome to witness the great things happening there. Joining the students in a game also creates a relaxed atmosphere, which helps the students overcome their shyness and feel confident to practice their English skills. Meanwhile travelers will get the chance to learn more about Lao culture and be inspired by some amazing students.

For more information about the Plain of Jars and tours in northern Laos and the Lone Buffalo Foundation, please leave your contact information in the form below.

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