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A March of Appealing Hotels

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Khiri Travel’s roundup of new and intriguing hotel options from around the region….


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Tam Coc Garden Resort, Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Where can we find this hotel?

The Tam Coc Garden Resort is situated in rice fields in the hills of Ninh Hai. This rural area lies about 100km south of Hanoi and 200km southwest of Ha Long. The beautiful rice fields and astonishing mountains give the resort a tranquil feel. We love the area; it is so scenic that it is called ‘Halong Bay on Land’.

Why do we think it’s special?

The resort (comprising of eight bungalows) is built in the style of a Tonkin village: tile-roofed stone houses, green bamboo hedges, lush paddy fields, and cultivated vegetable gardens. It is picture-perfect. Staying there is the best way to gain first-hand experience of the green landscapes and living conditions of Tonkin farmers. While there, guests learn about Tonkin culture. The gardens are run according to the spirit of solidarity projects and give employment to local people from neighboring villages. This eco-tourist destination favors human contact over the luxury of services, without leaving aside the comfort of proper accommodations.

What are alternative options to this hotel?

Other ways to enjoy the quiet and relaxing atmosphere, and beautiful landscape that Ninh Binh offers, is to stay at the Emeralda Resort Ninh Binh. Another four-star property offering beautiful views.



Bayon Boutique, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Where can we find this hotel?

In the heart of Siem Reap, in a quiet area. The Bayon Boutique hotel is a newly constructed building. Famous Pub Street, with its plentiful nightlife and dining options, is only a short walk away.

What’s it like?

The Bayon Boutique is a very stylish modern boutique hotel with a 3-4 star rating. There are 13 rooms, all with their own balcony. The swimming pool is situated next to a tropical garden where orchids bloom, creating a great space for relaxing.

Why do we like it?

Besides the great location and atmosphere the hotel breathes, we like the hotel’s art gallery. Visitors to the hotel can buy all kinds of artwork. The artists are local Cambodians who are proud to showcase their work at the hotel.


Le Sen lobby

Le Sen Boutique Hotel, Luang Prabang, Laos

What’s it like?

The Le Sen Boutique Hotel is in a relatively quiet part of town. Guests can rent a motorbike or bicycle, taking them to the peninsula via a residential neighborhood. There are two two-storey buildings with a pool in the middle. The restaurant, in a nice little garden setting, is located at the back of the hotel. Rooms are modern, clean, and well designed. Rooms come with a large shower. The hotel also offers a shuttle service throughout the day.

Why do we think it’s special?

The lobby is inviting, with very friendly staff helping out with any question guests may have. The overall layout of the hotel breathes quality. The atmosphere is friendly, welcoming and serene. The hotel really makes guests feel ‘Zen’. The decoration, staff and location all add to the relaxed and calm feeling of the hotel.

What are alternative options to this hotel?

Although the price of Le Sen is good compared to other options of the same standard, there are a few alternatives to this accommodation. For example there are My Dream Boutique Resort and Sala Prabang. In Luang Prabang there literally is a hotel that suits everyone.


le-ponton-bungalow CBD

Hotel Le Ponton, Kep, Cambodia

What’s it like?

Le Ponton is a 3-4 star property with nine boutique bungalows at Cambodia’s coast. The bungalows are surrounded by a lush tropical garden. In the restaurant, Khmer and international food is served as well as tapas specialties. The bungalows come with a large and pleasant living area, some with a sea view.

What are the surroundings like?

Kep is only 160kms from capital Phnom Penh and therefore an ideal getaway from the city if travelers have limited time. There is a small local beach, a (famous!) crab market, and rural backcountry with plenty of day-trip options. In the 1950s and 60s this was the beach resort for foreigners living in Phnom Penh. Visitors can still see the architecture from that time, unique to Cambodia.

Why do we like it?

The location of the hotel – at Kep’s seafront and very close to the crab market (ideal for dinner!) – makes it one of the reasons we like it so much. The other is the fact that the hotel has a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi – both rare to the small town of Kep.



Thahara Inle Heritage, Inle Lake, Myanmar

Where can we find this hotel?

Inle Heritage’s beautiful new bungalows are located not on the foreshores of Inle Lake, but in a village in the center of the lake. From sunrise to sunset, there’s no better place to experience the rhythms of life on Inle.

Why do we think it’s special?

As a part of the Inle Heritage Hospitality School, the hotel helps support the local population. The Inle Heritage Hospitality School is a training center created and run by some of Myanmar’s most experienced hoteliers to prepare local young people for careers in restaurants and hotels.

Why do we like it?

Thahara Inle Heritage offers a fascinating way to discover the beauty of Inle Lake, one of the great destinations in Myanmar. With a unique location in the middle of the lake and deep connections to the local community, Inle Heritage gives visitors special access to the sights, people and culture.

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