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A New Way of Traveling Around Saigon – the Old Fashioned Way

November 14, 2017 by Khiri Travel |

Everyone knows that there are many options for transportation in Vietnam. Leaving the normal transport aside such as taxis and buses, Vietnam is known all around the world for its motorbikes.

It is very common to see travelers taking pictures of the queues of motorbikes at the busiest and most crowded streets in Ho Chi Minh City. These pictures are usually the ones that travelers, after visiting Vietnam, show their relatives and friends back home for the shock value.

It is true that motorbikes in Vietnam are definitely popular but there are also other ways of transportation that are very local and traditional and it’s not normal to see them on the street nowadays. Vietnamese xe lam is a moto taxi, also known as a three-wheeler, which, only a couple of years ago used to be one of the typical means of transportation in Vietnam. Nowadays it’s not common to see them in the big cities but it’s still used in the countryside.

Khiri Travel Vietnam has been studying and doing research to develop a tour featuring the historic moto taxi. The successful new travel option, “Sightseeing in Ho Chi Minh City by xe lam” will take guests all around, visiting the most compelling sites in this energetic and bustling city. We tried it ourselves and it definitely was a unique experience—like totally going back in time! Even locals were shocked when they realized that a xe lam was back on the streets.

Sightseeing in a xe lam moto taxi is the best option for your travelers looking for a more local, adventurous experience and of course for those looking for an insight into daily Vietnamese life. It is inevitable to feel nostalgic for the past while sitting in the xe lam.

If you want to know more about this unique and special product and for booking requests, please contact to [email protected]

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