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A Selection of Responsible Hotels in Laos

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At Khiri Travel Laos we can offer you the perfect opportunity to integrate a part of your travels with the lives of local people, and ensure that they benefit from tourism activities in the country.

Tourism in developing countries has a significant impact on the lives of local people. On the negative side it changes their cultural values, increases pollution, and consumes resources. However, it can also create local employment, stimulate economic growth and encourage educational and hygiene reform. By choosing to educate and employ locals to work at a hotel, sourcing local products and stimulating the economy, organizing traditional dances, using efficient energy systems, and participating in CSR (Corporate Social Responsible) activities, responsible hotels are able create positive sustainable impacts on local lives.

At Khiri Travel Laos we’re very conscious about the hotels we choose to promote, as they are direct players in the local economic and labour markets.

In Laos there are numerous hotels that operate responsibly. We’ve  chosen a few here that we feel are both community driven and eco-friendly:

Southern Laos
La Folie Lodge on the river banks of Done Daeng Island is a beautiful and comfortable resort with private well decorated bungalows, a fine assortment of wine and fine dining, a swimming pool and open air restaurant, and opportunities to visit the local communities on the island. Over the past years they have been very involved in the community and have helped with the construction of schools and hospitals.

Ban Pako Lodge is situated roughly 40kms outside Vientiane and offers you forest and river views from a wooden terraced lodge. Coming highly recommended from the expatriate community in Laos, Ban Pako Lodge employs local people, sources local food and organizes treks in the attractive countryside around. The majority of the profits from activities organized with the locals goes directly to the communities themselves. That income supports schools and other local grass root endeavours.

Luang Prabang
The Lao Spirit Resort is situated near Luang Prabang offering six chalet cabins next to the scenic Nam Khan River. It allows you to observe local Lao life with relaxing in a picturesque setting. The lodge hires and trains local people in the art of hospitality. Nearby, you’re even able to ride elephants through the forest.

Send your clients on itineraries and to hotels that help local communities in Laos. Khiri Travel Laos can arrange that for you.

For more information and bookings, please contact [email protected].

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