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A Taste of Mandalay, Mangoes and Markets

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Khiri Myanmar’s “Mandalay Markets & Fine Food” full day tour (0700-1500) gives you a nice day out enjoying the farming area around Mandalay, tasting the seasonal fruits and learning about varied crops the local farmers are reliant upon.

Mandalay is known for its food and vibrant market showcasing fare from all around the surrounding countryside. Today, no temples or pagodas, just food glorious food and markets. Our aim is to gain a realistic impression of local life outside the city.

We start in the early morning with a typical Nan Gyi Thoke breakfast (a noodle salad on which chicken curry can be poured) and a visit to the vegetable market. Continue with a stroll to a lively neighbourhood with house industries showing you how to make Mandalay sweets, local cakes and noodles.

From here we continue to the countryside. On the way out of Mandalay we pass many rice fields and small farmers producing seasonal fruits. We stop along the road to see the rice farmers and some of the smaller local farms to see where all the food at the market comes from.

At a local shop we buy Sein Ta Lone mango plants before we continue our way to one of the lesser known monasteries in the countryside. A typical home made Mandalay lunch is served at the temple grounds. The monastery is also the place where we learn more about local succulent and sweet mangoes and the agriculture in the area. We donate and plant mango trees that we bought in the morning.

To produce the best mango in the country takes a few years. As the Burmese saying goes, “The best time to plant a mango tree is 10 years ago. The second best time is today.”

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